WSOP: Kristen Foxen Wins Big, Not $25,000

Kristen Foxen Drives Commentators Insane With Huge...

Canada Kristen Fox is considered one of the best players in the world and could extend her status further this Thursday. Kristen, holder of two titles in the world’s largest poker series, was one of 13 finalists in the WSOP Event #16 $25,000 High Roller and is on track for a third bracelet.

Kristen Foxen is in contention. Up to $1.7 million in prize money and the 10th best chips going into final day. For players who can reach that number, the blinds will be a little over 26 thanks to a huge cooler at level 15 with blinds of 20,000/40,000.

In this case, Kristen is at the cutoff and increases to 80,000. She was only called by American Elia Ahmadian, who was also in the big blind, and they both saw the flop in action. At this point, the first two-on-three mess was over and, as expected, the Canadian opted for a 55,000-chip c-bet.

Ahmadian was locked, raised to 180k and was paid by the opposing player. Then the turn made the hand even crazier – driving the PokerGo commentator crazy – and showed . Both players involved now have a full house, and Christine now has the better hand.

As the owner of the action, Ahmadian bet 4,000 and Foxen called only in position. The river didn’t change the game and assuming the stacks were big, Ahmadian called it all-in for 990,000, which was Kristen’s stack. The player quickly calls and the table sees the full-X-full Cooler.

With the hand winning, the Canadian finished with 3,360,000 in chips, taking the tournament lead and winning 84 blinds. Afterwards, she lost some of her chips, but managed to make it to the final day of play. Ahmadian, meanwhile, dropped to 21st with $56,931 after running out of chips after the loss.

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“Someone is checking @jeffplatt and @BuffaloHanks!!!!

@krissyb24poker takes the chip lead straight away after a wild game and hand with Elia Ahmadian.

The @WSOP $25,000 High Roller is now live on our YouTube channel.

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— PokerGO (@PokerGO) June 8, 2023

Kristen Foxen Drives Commentators Insane With Huge...

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  • Willow.runolfsson

    This text showcases the impressive performance of Canadian poker player Kristen Foxen in the WSOP Event #16 $25,000 High Roller, where she demonstrated her skills and ended up taking the tournament lead. The hand described highlights her ability to make calculated decisions and capitalize on a favorable outcome.

  • Laila.gottlieb

    This text provides a detailed account of Canadian poker player Kristen Foxen’s performance in the WSOP Event #16. It highlights her potential for a third bracelet, her chip lead after a significant hand with Elia Ahmadian, and her subsequent progress in the tournament.

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