WSOP 2023 Day 39: Cup half full on Day 2ABC, Pol Vela leads 30-place qualifier

WSOP 2023 Day 39: Cup half full on Day 2ABC, Pol V...

WSOP has a program in store for us each day, the result of careful consideration of official information, including tonight’s official presentation of the champion bracelet received this Main Event.

It must be said that visually it lacks the elegance of the 70+ bracelets that have been awarded in this issue. However, it did more than serve as a symbol of the scope and magnificence of what has been called the greatest tournament in history. This piece of jewelry deserves to be displayed on the main street of any capital in the world, not worn on the wrist.

Flavortown Mayor @GuyFieri unveils 2023 WSOP Main Event bracelet! 🔥

– WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 8, 2023

The World Series of Poker Main Event Day 2ABC featured the largest number of Spanish players of the tournament, with 60 players included in the draw.

None of the 196 late-entry Spanish players, Juan Maceiras or Valeriano Toledano could have stopped this One situation, but both are reserved for Day 2ABC and the 10,000-player celebration tomorrow when the 500 report is reached, which is less than the number reached in 2022.

WSOP 2023 Day 39: Cup half full on Day 2ABC, Pol V...

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  • Wolff.valerie

    The text highlights the significance and grandeur of the WSOP Main Event champion bracelet, despite lacking elegance compared to previous versions. It also mentions the large Spanish representation in Day 2ABC of the tournament, with certain players reserved for the next day’s celebration when the player count reaches 500.

  • The text gives an overall positive impression of the WSOP program and highlights the significance of the champion bracelet, despite its visual shortcomings. It also mentions the participation of Spanish players in the tournament and their progress towards reaching the 10,000-player celebration.

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