Wilson Massarenti is a two-time SSOP champion and HR VIP winner

SSOP: Wilson Massarenti Wins VIP High Roller for T...

2023 The first SSOP stage in 2019 appears to have an owner already. With four confirmed stages throughout the year and a leaderboard honoring its most consistent players, SSOP has seen the breakout of one of its most iconic names. Member Wilson Massarenti got off to a strong start and added another title to Thursday’s game.

Wilson is the overall winner of the tournament’s High Roller One-Day VIP event with the highest live buy-in. And won his second title in the series in just two race days. In the SSOP opener, Wilson defeated his partner Beto Cavadas in a PLO5 Super KO to claim his first trophy of the series.

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This time, players from Bahia prevailed over more select players. The competition had 17 participants with a total value of R$ 2,000, a figure that exceeded the guaranteed deposit of R$ 30,000. Overtaking all players, Wilson secured his second win and added R$14,250 to his bankroll with the win.

This victory came after unexpected events. Wilson had only five blinds in the heads-up match against Gianfranco Martins, but he ran well and turned things around, relying on a lot of luck. In short, he doubled the first pot by hitting his opponent’s 82 x AQ flush.

He then got a split pot at the unlikely 22 x 33, the table showed J9QJQ and finally, he folded again from Q5 x KT for a full house. Inspired, he managed to turn Gianfranco around and became a two-time stage champion in two days.

See final table prizes:

1 – Wilson Massarenti – $14,250 2 – Gianfranco Martins – $8,550 3 – Junior Rodrigues – $8,550

SSOP: Wilson Massarenti Wins VIP High Roller for T...

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  • This text is a recap of the SSOP (Super Series of Poker) event that took place in 2023. It highlights Wilson Massarenti’s impressive performance and his consecutive victories in the tournament. Overall, it showcases the excitement and success of the event.

  • This text is an update on the SSOP (Super Series of Poker) event, specifically focusing on the performance of player Wilson Massarenti. It highlights his success in winning two titles within a short period of time, despite facing challenging situations during gameplay. Overall, it seems to portray Wilson as a skilled and lucky player, showcasing his achievements and prize winnings.

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