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Play Slowly

Slow play is played when you have a good hand and do not make big bets, the purpose is to allow other players to stay where they left off and connect or try fewer moves than us, against us Lying (bluffing) in order to get them to raise (raise) and get extra money that we would not have received if we had bet big from the start.

Slow play is a “bluff”

Slow play is an option

  • Slow play means passively playing strong hands.


Although if we have a strong hand, we only make the bets we need to. We passively accept the pace of the game set by our opponents (check/raise = check street) and do not actively put chips into the pot (bet/raise). This form of play is only possible in rare cases. Only when we really have a good hand can we pretend we don’t have a good hand. Slow play only makes sense if you choose it carefully. When we play slowly, we give up the possibility of winning the pot immediately.

So when we play slow, we risk the current pot in order to end up winning more. This form of gaming is obviously very dangerous, since it is difficult to calculate what risks a person would take if he voluntarily allowed the situation to change.

Play Slowly

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  • The text explains the concept of slow play in poker, where players with strong hands intentionally make smaller bets to entice their opponents to raise and potentially win more money. It highlights the risks involved in this strategy and suggests it should be used carefully.

  • Hodkiewicz.mona

    The text provides an explanation of slow play in poker, which involves holding back on big bets to deceive opponents into thinking you have a weaker hand. It highlights the risks involved in this strategy and the importance of carefully choosing when to employ it.

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