Should the eligibility criteria for the Poker Hall of Fame change?

Should the eligibility criteria for the Poker Hall...

With countless players and poker industry professionals eagerly waiting to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, calls for changes to the nomination and induction process are growing louder.

Daniel Negreanu realizes that the PHOF selection system should change.

One of the behind-the-scenes players joining the petition is Daniel Negreanu, who has been hailed as one of poker’s greatest ambassadors and a Hall of Famer since 2014. The Canadian has long campaigned to overhaul the Poker Hall of Fame nomination process and reiterated his call in a daily vlog during this week’s WSOP.

“My proposal for redesigning the Hall of Fame is simple: Induct two players a year, with a focus on players rather than contributors,” Negreanu told his vlog audience. “Every three years … we add another third person to contribute to the game. I’m talking about characters like Isai Schinberg and Matt Savage. So, Every three years they have a chance to get in.” That saves us the ridiculous task of comparing apples and oranges. Negrianu’s remarks came just days after announcing the ten finalists who will enter the Hall this year. Notables include the last three-time Poker Players Championship winner Brian Rast and six-time bracelet winners Josh Arieh and Ted Forrest. Finalists were chosen by poker fans and industry magnates, including Matt Savage and commentator duo Lon McEachern and Norman Chad

Negreanu thinks it’s extremely unfair to compare the top pros to the industry pros who help the game grow. hard. Furthermore, he lamented that finalists are often chosen based on their popularity rather than their poker skills and longevity.

“This annoys me every year because I’m a purist who values ​​real standards. Most people don’t seem to get it,” Negreanu said gloomily.

“One of the most important criteria is that the nominee is respected by his peers at the high stakes tables and…” has proven himself at these games. But what happens is that the public like you just Say, “I know this name, so I’m going to vote for it because I like it. “What else does the Hall of Famer do? The rest of the Hall of Famers are based on numbers, whether it’s baseball, you look at batting average and home run totals. It ranks players based on their stats, not because They’re good people or because of their contributions to the game. Negreanu added with disgust, “There are a lot of people who should be in the Hall of Fame, not just because the people who nominate you don’t know you. ”

“Ray Dehkharghani is a beast,” he exclaimed. “How could Ted Forrest not be in the Hall of Fame?” He’s a true legend. He really is the best in a long time. Finally, Negreanu revealed who he thinks should be included this year.

“Let me explain why Brian Rast deserves the award. A lot of players are in the Hall of Fame,” Negrianu said. “I think I have.” A good example. “First of all, he has six bracelets. He’s won the PPC (the most prestigious mixed game tournament in the world) three times, which is crazy, and he’s a high-stakes pro.” Cash game and mixed game very popular. “The highest level is everywhere. Online, in Bobby’s room, in Las Vegas, in Macau, everywhere,” he said.

Should the eligibility criteria for the Poker Hall...

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  • Okey.macejkovic

    This text discusses the growing calls for changes to the nomination and induction process of the Poker Hall of Fame. Daniel Negreanu, a renowned poker player, supports the idea of inducting two players per year and adding a contributor every three years. He believes that the current system often favors popularity over actual poker skills and longevity, and mentions Brian Rast as a deserving candidate for this year’s induction.

  • Beverly.lemke

    The text discusses calls for changes to the Poker Hall of Fame nomination and induction process, with Daniel Negreanu advocating for inducting two players a year with a focus on players rather than contributors. Negreanu believes it is unfair to compare top pros to industry pros, and that nominees should be respected by their peers and have proven themselves at high stakes tables. He suggests that players like Brian Rast, who has six bracelets and has won the prestigious Poker Players Championship three times, should be included in the Hall of Fame.

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