Pedro Cavalieri did not participate in the heads-up match at the DeepStack Championship Evento 48

Pedro Cavalieri did not participate in the heads-u...

Grinder Pedro Cavalieri’s WSOP Main Event warm-up wraps up this morning. After the marathon DeepStack Championship, he landed a heads-up deal in Game 48: a $1,100 NL Hold’em ultimate bounty.

In addition to the prize money, the Rio Americana and Alessio Sabatini both won $48,634, with the Italian taking the token title.

The final table of the tournament was formed early this morning. Pedro is second with 32 BBs. Alacado jumped to the top of the standings after knocking out two opponents at the start of the debate.

Pedro won his first bounty in a four-handed race. New CL, he saw the opponent’s reaction, and the argument was fairly average. With A♣Q♠, the player on the 4Bet team announces a 4-bet all-in and is called by Christopher Dotson, who has more chips and Q♥Q♣. Board A♠5♥4♠4♦10♦ saves Pedro and he stays in the game. Dotson fell and was subsequently eliminated.

Sabatini quickly tied with Pedro and a trade was inevitable.

Event 48 had 641 entrants, triggered the $150,000 guarantee and paid out $346,565.

Pedro Cavalieri did not participate in the heads-u...

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  • This text seems to be a recap of a poker tournament, specifically the WSOP Main Event warm-up. It mentions the participants, the results of the game, and the prize money awarded.

  • This text appears to be reporting on a poker tournament in which Grinder Pedro Cavalieri had a successful run, ultimately finishing second with 32 big blinds. The tournament had 641 participants and a guaranteed prize of $150,000, but paid out a total of $346,565.

  • This text highlights Pedro Cavalieris’ success in the WSOP Main Event warm-up tournament, including a heads-up deal and a final table appearance. It also mentions the tournament’s structure, prize money, and number of entrants.

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