Money, Strategy and Mind Games: Three Principles of Poker

Money, Strategy and Mind Games: Three Principles o...

Jesus Bertoli is one of the most well-known players in the area with the content he creates and his beautiful videos that regularly teach the most fundamentals of poker.

Bertoli’s Three Rules for Every Poker Player

1) “Money can’t weigh you down, otherwise you’ll be playing with no bankroll.”

“The most important thing is the bankroll, without bankroll there are no poker players, I know A lot.” They were playing well but broke. If you don’t have good bankroll management skills, you won’t be successful at the poker table, even if you play like Phil Ivey.

2) “The strategy part is key.”

“As long as you are better than everyone else at the table, it doesn’t matter how good you are strategically. However, the theory part is fundamental. So are experienced players.” The theory part is missing , the combination of practical and technical and theoretical aspects makes someone a great player. ”

Before the second part, Jesus made it clear that there are many players who, due to a lack of interest in learning, do not study or only focus on the necessary exercises, to which he asked everyone a question that he could answer for himself : “Poker is everything, not just what’s on the floor. ” Poker tables will happen. If you don’t like it, what do you do in the poker world when you play poker? Try to think more analytically, that will differentiate you from others Come on.

3) “It’s important to master the incline.”

“You have to let go of fear: fear of promotion or fear of new moves. When someone asks me how to play on the second day of a tournament, I just tell them enjoy Game. This is not the time to invent tactics or try strategies. You have to play the way you know how to play and have fun.”

Bertoli’s Poker Story

In the same interview, Bertoli talked about his poker career and how he became a professional card player even though he lived at home on Margarita Island without a computer or internet. At the age of 16, as a teenager, he learned to play poker with his brother Tulio and his father, and from that moment on, cards became almost an integral part of his life.

Jesus was one of the players who started the Moneymaker Effect online poker craze in 2003, after which the Venezuelan started playing NLH with friends. However, when he searched the Internet for the word “poquer” (Spanish), and when he discovered that there were forums and 100% professional players on the Internet, Jesus’ mind was forever opened. Committed to poker.

Tullio Bertoli, brother of Jesus, won the 2023 LAPT Montevideo Championship.

Bertoli confirmed that this search was special. “I went online and found out there were professional Spaniards. I started participating in forums, raising my hand, and that’s how I started to improve my level. I realized I was starting to contribute in the local league in Venezuela.” One of the features of the forum It was the emergence of Raul Mestre who later became the founder of EducaPoker.

Bertoli went through a few more concepts and said: “I created an account on PartyPoker and AbsolutPoker. A Chilean friend of the forum lent me $50 because I couldn’t get it from Venezuela. When We opened a bank while we were playing in an internet cafe. We bought a computer and set up the internet at home.” So we started with Tulio, and when we hit $1,000, we split it up and started individually. ”

His talent at the cash games

Finally, Jesús gives an insight into his talent at the poker tables and the educational part that has fascinated him from the beginning. “These days I play live cash games. It’s true that I lose the comfort of getting more hands like online and lose time on transfers, but I have the advantage of playing higher stakes and competing against a weaker field. ”In addition to traveling and touring this started a few years ago after he completed his coaching training in Uruguay, where he met people like Elias Zelos Gutierrez The meeting with Franciso Tomati Benítez was dictated by Luis Sevilla who admitted that from him Learned countless concepts.

Money, Strategy and Mind Games: Three Principles o...

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  • Overall, the text provides information about Jesus Bertoli, a well-known poker player known for his content creation and instructional videos. The text highlights Bertoli’s three rules for every poker player, including the importance of bankroll management, the combination of practical and theoretical aspects in strategy, and the need to overcome fear and enjoy the game.

    The text also discusses Bertoli’s poker background, starting with learning the game from his brother and father and eventually discovering online poker forums and professional players. It mentions his brother’s success in winning a championship and Bertoli’s own journey in improving his skills and becoming a professional player.

    Overall, the text provides a concise and informative overview of Jesus Bertoli’s poker career, his philosophy on the game, and his dedication to continuous learning and improvement.

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    The text provides information about Jesus Bertoli, a well-known poker player known for his content creation and teaching videos. It includes Bertoli’s three rules for poker players, emphasizing the importance of bankroll management, strategy, and being fearless. The text also discusses Bertoli’s poker journey, from learning the game with his brother and father to his online poker career. It highlights his talent at cash games and his passion for the educational aspect of poker. Overall, the text portrays Bertoli as a successful and dedicated poker player.

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