How Triton Cyprus Series Goes: Jason Kuhn’s Record, Buldygin & Zlotnikov Wins, $1M

What's Up Triton Cyprus Series: Jason Kuhn's Score...

Another Triton High Roller Series concluded last week in Northern Cyprus with a host of exciting events. Here’s a brief overview of the most interesting of them all.

Vyacheslav Buldygin wins his first live title (+$1,342,000)

:RU Vyacheslav “VBV1990” Buldygin is an online poker legend with a record winning HUSnG One million U.S. dollars. However, he played few live tournaments during his career, and despite high rollers, he remains stuck at 15th on the all-time money list in Russia. This continues until May 2023 when Vyacheslav comes to Cyprus for the Triton series. The result was 5 ITM matches and a $50,000 tournament win.

The two-day event has a total of 104 entrants, 15 winners. The final table was formed after recent EPT Monte Carlo champion Mike Watson finished eighth, with “bracelet wearer” Brian Kim ahead and Buldygin in fourth. There were no extras at the final table: Jason Kuhn, Sean Winter, Punat Punsri, David Yang, Tung Meulder, but five of them fell victim to Buldygin.

On people’s minds – Buldygin already leads Gold 3-1. In the final hand, Kim flopped: jc:js, but Buldygin flopped: kc:5h, which flopped a king. The $1,342,000 cash is his second career cash, the only top-two finish in his career coming at the EPT Monte Carlo Super High Roller 2017. If the poker world had an audience award, Vyacheslav got it too – making faces and witty comments at the TV tables that kept making opponents and commentators laugh.

At the next NLH 8-Handed Turbo Championship, another Russian, Anatoly Zlotnikov, celebrated with $25,000. He went heads-up with German Niko Koop and took the 496,100 Bestkesh after the final.

Ramin Khadzhiev Wins $200,000 Invitational

Last fall, Triton organizers experimented with a new format for an extremely expensive tournament to protect amateurs from early elimination. The idea is that rich amateurs invite pros one at a time, and the two types of players don’t cross over on day one.

86 people signed up for the $200,000 event and the final table turned many amateurs into professionals. Former pro tennis player turned businessman Ramin Khadzhiev is second only to Sean Winter in chip stacks. After Top Online regular Tobias Dutweiler beat Patrick Antonius for third, he took on Khadzhiev but finished 2 Lost to the latter with a score of -1. After a deal and a series of flips, the title and $4,122,554 fell to the Azerbaijani, who has cashed in nine of the past 10 Triton tournaments.

Luxon Invitational Final Table $200,000

  • AZ Ramin Khadzhiev – $4,122,554*
  • DE Tobias Dutweiler – $3,606,446*
  • FI Patrick Antonius – $2,100,000
  • : Sean Winter, USA – $1,640,000
  • : TH Punat Pounat Pounsry – $1,320,000
  • : MY Kiat Lee – $1,030,000
  • : Sosia Jang, New Zealand – $820,000
  • : MY Wai Keen Yong – $636,000
  • : GB Ben Heath – $481,000

Jason Kuhn won the Main Event and was knocked out in second-to-last place in the final.

However, the biggest winner on the Triton Cyprus was Jason Kuhn, who won the $20,000 heat event and the $20,000 $100,000 main event win. The latter title is Kuhn’s seventh in the Triton series – and no one else.

These 101 entries made Myanmar The state prize pool exceeds $10,000,000. The ITM has 15 players, but unlike the Invitational, all awards go to the pros. Many in the Ru community cheered Vyacheslav Buldygin, who reached the final in the second pile, but after a few failed banks, he became the first finalist to stand on the podium.

As Koon In 6-Max, he shoved all-in with 6 and flopped ace, taking Steve O’Dwyer’s all-in and doubling up to 17BB. On the next hand, he short-stacked Sean Winter and then eliminated short-stack Dan Smith. Early in the finale, an altercation broke out between him and Smith, who demanded silence over a chipping decision, and Jason angrily said he wasn’t only mad at Smith, but at some wealthy amateur. You can see this moment in the replay of the final table at 2:06:35

Kuhn then moved the remaining three Players were ejected from the tournament, including Sam Greenwood, who went heads-up and won one of the most important titles of his career. During the interview, he couldn’t help but shed tears of joy:

This is my dream come true. When I first started playing Triton tournaments, I dreamed of sitting at this table. I don’t know why I’m so lucky today where it matters, but I’m grateful for how it went. I am really happy and I will never forget this moment. Main Event Triton Cyprus $100,000 Final Table

What's Up Triton Cyprus Series: Jason Kuhn's Score...

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