Holiday Deals: 5 Books to Read in Summer

Holiday Special: Five Must-Read Books for Summer

February is the ideal month for vacations and rest. For those of you looking for fun poker reads for your next summer, we have 5 different types of recommendations for you: Strategy, Brain Games, Personal Stories and Fiction.

These are 5 books we recommend. Recommended:

Short Stack Ninja by Chris Wallace.

Coach and WSOP bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace has written the first short book to focus on strategy – the big blind-less chip game. We invite you to read the interview we conducted with him a few days ago.

“Jonathan Maxwell’s Playing Cards

This is one of the best poker games I’ve ever read in fiction. It’s raw, realistic, and reflects the profession A cash game player’s experience. It features hundreds of hands played in the US, Paris and Las Vegas. It’s a joy.” /p>

” Poker Workbook: Math and Poker by James Sweeney “Preflop”

James “Splitsuit” Sweeney’s new complete workbook that focuses on the mathematical aspects of the game and preflop strategy. We named it one of the best poker books of 2020 .

Poker With Presence by Jason Su.

An original short book on how to improve your poker game. The psychological aspects of the game. Jason Su Offers valuable tips and compelling tips on breathing and concentration to keep you 100% focused at the poker table. It made it into the top 10 best books of 2020.

Horse A Chip and a Prayer by Marvin Karlins.

The author tells the first story hand-drawn from his experience at the 2017 WSOP when he paid $50,000 Played most of the major tournaments, including the Main Event, on a budget. A great mix of humor, strategy, and entertainment. We named it one of the best books of 2018.

You know you’ll need to read in the months ahead What. You can purchase all the books in our library.

Holiday Special: Five Must-Read Books for Summer

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  • This text provides a list of recommended poker books in different genres, such as strategy, brain games, personal stories, and fiction. It includes reviews and accolades for each book, encouraging readers to consider purchasing them for future reading.

  • Bernhard.molly

    This text provides recommendations for five different types of poker books, including strategy, brain games, personal stories, fiction, and math. It also mentions an interview with a WSOP bracelet winner and invites readers to purchase the books from their library.

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