Gabriel Moura Has a Dream FT, Bounty Hunter HR Hits $525, Takes $181,000

When the GGPoker World Festival comes to an end, the country’s top players will be giving their opponents a lot of trouble. Early in the morning, Gabriel called out Moura in Event 183-H: $525 No-Limit Hold’em, a special edition of the $525 Bounty Hunters. In total, the bracelet earned him $181.

Gabriel entered the final as last. In an eight-handed game, he managed to double up and catch the leader. The Brazilian’s reaction began with a pre-flop all-in. Gabriel was surprised by a 3♣Q♣K♣ flop against J ♦J♥ against 10 ♦10♣ in “Bashka340”, but the 9♦ turn and 2♥ river prevented the worst.

Shortly thereafter, Gabriel received his first FT bounty. As the holder of A♥6♠, he went all-in straight from the ball. Chunyang then called and showed K♠10♠. The Chinese player had a lot to celebrate on the 2♣7♥10♥ flop, but the A♠ turn brought a card out from his opponent and he took the pot.

Gabriel also sent the Argentinian “MESSl.” ” home. On the 8♣6♥6Check8♥6♣ board, Hermano put all his chips into the game and saw Gabriel use the 8♠5♣ called. “MESSl” was knocked out with A♠Q♥

The next round Gabriel went three-in. With 3♦3♥ he beat only 4 BBS in turn Queen pair “kings35” “justvibin” knocked out A♦J♠ The flop A♣10CheckJ♣ helped the short stack, but the Q♥ on the river spelled his defeat.

” kings35″ didn’t stop there and fired again, taking the pot with “Quantant89. Gabriel continued to move away from the leader and earned a crucial flip for his wish, moving all-in with A♥K♣ and opening from UTG before 4betting – Alexander Debus called, with less , the German put down 10♦10♥ and flopped K♥8♣10♣ straight. After saving life on the 8♠ turn, Gabriel found one of his two outs on the K♠ river.

Gabriel didn’t look back, ignoring his nearest opponent. At the next level, he made an open all-in and was called by “Quunant89”. With Q♠9♥ against A♣7♠, Gabriel defeated the dominant J♦6♦Q♣2♦2♠ to enter heads-up play.

With an almost 4-1 comfortable lead, it took Gabriel a few moves to close out the game. In the final hand, he again flopped “kings35″‘s K♥10♠ with 8♦8♣. The 6♣4♣2♣3♥4♠ lead didn’t surprise Gabriel and he emerged as the winner.

With 3,911 entries, the $525 Bounty Hunters HR triggered the $1,500,000 guarantee and awarded prizes totaling $1,955,500.

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  • Rowe.marjorie

    This text provides a detailed account of Gabriel’s journey in the GGPoker World Festival, showcasing his skills and victories against top players. Gabriel’s strategic moves and successful outcomes demonstrate his prowess in the tournament, earning him the coveted winner’s title and a substantial amount in prizes.

  • Merle.steuber

    This text describes Gabriel’s successful performance in the GGPoker World Festival, where he won the Event 183-H: $525 No-Limit Holdem. It highlights his strategic moves, including double-ups and key hands, ultimately leading to his victory in the tournament with impressive prize money.

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