Fold the ace preflop? You should do this under certain conditions/PKL

Fold the ace preflop? There is one situation where...

Have you heard this in a video, podcast, or strategy book? It might sound ridiculous on first impressions to throw your best cards on the pile pre-flop, but in some cases it’s the right thing to do.

First of all, we need to be clear that we are talking about satellites in this way, not tournaments or cash games. The goal of a satellite race is to get tickets to a specific event. Unlike tournaments, when playing satellites you shouldn’t aim to win all the chips in the game, the main goal is to survive and be a ticket-winning seat.

Es It Doesn’t Matter If you get the ticket with 250,000 points in chips or 15,000 in chips, both players will get the same prize regardless of the chips. This creates an interesting dynamic when playing satellite games, and in some cases you should probably discard high-level cards when certain conditions are met.

Let’s see an example👇

You are playing a satellite game. Live satellite broadcast of the WSOP Main Event from the Rio Room. With a $500 buy-in, 27 players are still in contention out of 554 entrants. The top 25 players will win a $10,000 buy-in to enter the biggest tournament in the world.

Blinds are 5,000/10,000 and the Big Blind stake is 10,000. You have an above-average chip stack of 470,000, and you have two smaller players at the table with 25,000 and 35,000. The chip leader at the table has 620,000 points and when the folder hits the button, he goes all-in. He’s an aggressive player and one of those short in the big blind.

You are in the small blind with A♥ A♦ . In a tournament, this is an instant call, but in a satellite with these conditions, it’s an obvious fold. Do we have situations where we desperately need to fold? The answer is no, as we have the second largest stack at the table with 47 big blinds. Can we guarantee tickets? Not yet, but given that there are several small players at all three tables, our chances are good. In this case, it’s not worth risking a good chance of winning the lottery.

In summary, we can fold pre-flop if these conditions are met:

I recently heard an anecdote on the podcast by veteran player Bernard Lee that he saw two crossed Biggest chips. One is A-A and the other is Q-Q, which connects to a Queen on the river. The bubble game went on, and both got tickets, but the ace player didn’t win the prize money.

What do you think about this?

Fold the ace preflop? There is one situation where...

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  • Champlin.marcelo

    The text provides a valid insight into the strategy of playing satellite games, where the goal is to win tickets to a specific event rather than accumulate all the chips. It highlights the importance of considering the specific conditions and player dynamics in making decisions, even if it means folding strong hands like A♥ A♦ in certain situations.

  • This text explains the strategy of throwing your best cards in a satellite game in order to secure a ticket to a specific event. It highlights the importance of survival rather than winning all the chips and provides a relevant example to support the concept. Overall, it suggests that under certain conditions, discarding high-level cards in a satellite game can be a wise decision.

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