Crossroads at the World Series of Poker by Juan Zubiri

Crossroads in the World Series of Poker

Today is a big day. You’re in for the glory: you’re entering your first WSOP Main Event, and you paid $10,000 for it. Your table is filled with all players. The dealer shuffles and deals cards quickly: he has the correct cards. You receive two parts that glide smoothly on the fabric. P1 raises to 200 chips, P2 and P4 pay off. P3 with the others: absently tossing cards into the pile while searching for a bottle of mineral water from an assistant. “Whoa, whoa!” (water , water!) – he shouted in New York English. P5 uses the pinky finger of his left hand to pull the two 100 chips into the middle of the table. He feels he is a very demanding player. Everything is so dizzying that you don’t take the time to look at your cards. You line them up so that one completely overlaps the other. At the same time, fan them with your right hand to keep them from prying eyes, and fold them to the edge with your left. You see her:

K♠K 🤠🤔

Enough nonsense. Time to play poker. There is no doubt that you will stand up again.

“Stand up.” Her voice sounded confident and dry.

Let’s break it down: There are 875 chips in the pot. This is the first hand, I have KK, there are at least four players! You must now shut them up. I want 875, but don’t see a flop. I bet the pot (pot size bet): 200 to watch, the pot is 1075. To this I add 1075 for 1275 chips. You stack the highest numbered chips from bottom to top and bet silently; the dealer scatters them before the amount is announced. Behind you, they all walk up to the deck. This applies to the big blind. P1 took longer: he tried to look closely, but found nothing. Your gaze is fixed on a fixed point on the horizon.

Crossroads in the World Series of Poker

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  • The text describes a player’s experience at a WSOP Main Event, showcasing their determination and strategy in a high-stakes poker game. The narrator expresses confidence in their hand and takes a bold betting approach to silence their opponents.

  • This text describes the excitement and anticipation of entering a WSOP Main Event. The protagonist confidently bets a substantial amount with their pocket kings, aiming to intimidate the other players and take control of the pot.

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