Bruno Volkmann Completes Two FTs for $102,000 at GGWF

Bruno Volkmann Conducts Two FTs at GGWF and Raises...

Star player Bruno Volkmann battled for the title at the GGPoker World Gala on Sunday the 28th from start to finish. In Event 183-S: $5,250 Bounty Hunter Super High Roller, Rodrigo Selouan won the silver medal and $69,748 while finishing eighth for $12,988.

Volkmann fell heads-up again shortly afterward in Event 190-S: $1,050 Sunday Saver HR [ Hyper ]. In all, the Santa Catarina native’s bankroll added another $33,082.

Selouan nearly won again at the GGWF. He took home another $32,013 for second out of 94 players in Event 185-S: $2,625 Blade Bounty King.

In Event 191-S: $2,625 Midnight Madness HR [Bounty Hyper], Rodrigo Seiji put the Brazilian first on the podium to lift the flag. After sending home 50 players, he won $42,768.

“Akariee” fielded 166 opponents and collected $35,651 in Event 191-H: $840 Midnight Festival Madness [Bounty Hyper].

Bruno Volkmann Conducts Two FTs at GGWF and Raises...

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  • This text is providing information about the performances of several players in various poker tournaments. It highlights Bruno Volkmann’s efforts in two events and mentions the successes of Rodrigo Selouan and Rodrigo Seiji in separate tournaments. Overall, it is a summary of the players’ achievements and cash prizes in the mentioned events.

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    This text highlights the achievements of Bruno Volkmann and Rodrigo Selouan at the GGPoker World Gala, earning significant winnings in various events. It also mentions the success of Rodrigo Seiji and Akariee in different tournaments, adding to the overall excitement and competitiveness of the event.

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