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Marcus Souza wins GG Millions title at KSOP GGPoker South America

Marcus Souza wins GG Millions title at KSOP GGPoke...

The KSOP GGPoker South American side event was a huge success. After defeating 984 opponents in Event 71: R$1,000 NL Hold’em GG Million, Marcus Souza or Markin took home the title and R$157,500 in prize money.

Soon after, José Artur Ricci also left Riocentro. Winning a six-figure prize in Barra da Tijuca. In Event 83: R$2,500 NL Hold’em Main Event Light, he beat a field of 264 entries to add R$137,000 to his balance.

In Event 88: R$500 NL Hold’em Daily Turbo, the country achieved a double crown with Valdir “Teco” Junior and Leandro Araújo Poleza winning R$13,250 and R$10,850 respectively. .

Meanwhile, Leonardo Diniz defeated 109 opponents in Event 87: R$600 NL Hold’em Freezeout Turbo. In total, he won R$12,000.

Marcus Souza wins GG Millions title at KSOP GGPoke...

Anthony Zinno with $11M bonus accused of stealing money from backpack at World Cup

Anthony Zinno with $11M bonus accused of stealing...

2+2 Forum once again served as a speaker and revealed a story that seems to have been circulating in the United States since December last year.

User A, who was watching the “Only Friends” podcast on Matt Berkey’s “Solve for Why” YouTube channel, opened a post asking for more information about something Berkey himself mentioned with a laugh.

As we review the top players at the Borgata Championship, it’s the turn of Anthony Zinno, with Berkey chuckling, “He’s probably the one that needs to be pinned the most in this tournament Man.” Regular contributor Landon Tice, another guest hilariously accompanied by Burky’s laughter. “We’ve been hearing different versions of the story since December.”

Birky Jean Willie Wiggins prepared a social media post to put his The review is linked to one of the accompanying releases.

According to the picture, Wiggins explained: “My friend Correll left his backpack in the lounge (Wynn Hotel) while packing up his $3,000 in chips. He stayed there all night Looking for it because he did.” There was $20,000 in it. The next day, the police called him. Apparently, the casino has a recording of Zinno taking the backpack and taking it to the restroom.

So far, he has been banned from Wynn and Encore. No one is exposing this problem. I don’t want this thief to steal anyone’s stuff in the future. “

“He was very focused on bagging chips. The days were long, we were playing back-to-back games, and yes, I left my bag under the chair. “He was chatting with some other players in the encore hall and didn’t notice his distraction until he left. Was walking into a place where he wanted to take a taxi.

The bookmaker was still sitting at the table, But he explained this to him but he didn’t see there was a bag under the chair and now it was gone and he was delighted when he got a call the next day with a police report that his belongings had been found But when he checked the contents, he found that all the money was missing except for the $1,000.

The casino began an investigation by checking the surveillance video and confirmed that Zinno was the person who stole the bag. That night, Police worked with the casino and asked him to come to the venue as Identity. They detained a suspect.

“They took me to a private room. ” and I realized it was Anthony Zinno, who was on the other side of the glass door commenting on the message on Twitter to delete their post.

Okay Well, as a victim, I confirm this. So feel free to reinstate it. I was not aware of the power Zinno has to restrict free speech now. I am working on getting the police report and will share it once I get it.

— Corel Theuma (@Corel_Theuma) January 29, 2024

Asked when he pointed police suspicions at Zinno, Corel responded that he did not.

“It’s the Wynn. “As I watched him locked in the cell, I was asked if I wanted to file a complaint against him and I said “yes.”

Although supporters of one of them were full of praise for the other During the discussion, Theuma hoped to resolve the dispute. “In this case, the most important thing is not the money, but the act of taking the bag and not returning it immediately. Why didn’t he give it to the dealer? Or event management? Or several members of the security team. “Did he pass by in the hallway?”

Currently, there is no explanation for Zinno’s behavior that day. But there may be some. Chad Holloway said the multiple WPT and WSOP champion’s silence was due to advice from his legal team, but he intends to speak out once certain aspects of the trial are resolved.

I contacted @AntZinno. He has been advised by his lawyers not to comment at this time but I think this is just my opinion and he will be happy to share his version of the course of events once the legal aspects are clarified.

More details are sure to follow…

— Chad Holloway (@ChadAHolloway) February 1, 2024

Anthony Zinno with $11M bonus accused of stealing...

Allison Eleres won $139 million on her big online gamble

Allison Eleres won $139 million on her big online...

Meanwhile, yesterday, the 21st, Allison Eleres competed in the FT of two of the most expensive straight championships. During his visit to GGPoker, he bested his opponents to claim the $1,050 Sunday Main Event HR. Including bonuses, the PokerLab grinder won $92,362.

Allison then played in the $630 4-handed Sunday High Roller, a regular main event at ACR Poker. As the owner of the second largest stack, he started on the button and then announced a 4-bet all-in on 43 BBS. CL “marine1972” then called and revealed K ♦K ♥. Alison dominated with A♥K♠ and had no chance on the Q♠9♣4♥3♠6 board. In total, drivers with the “DoctorCoffee” account won another $47,339.

A few moves later and Thiago Crema was defeated. As a farewell, he made an open shove with 6 BBS and was called by “LelijkeHond” who had more chips and A♦J♣. With 7♠6♠, the 4Bet Team star found one of his exits on the flop of 6 ♦2♥K, but the 5 on the turn and 7 on the river gave his opponent a second flush. The man from Paraná state finished third, earning $64,849.

With HU almost trailing 1:4 at the start, “LelijkeHond” managed to turn the situation around and trade to win the championship. When “marine1972” pocketed $118,978, his balance grew by $91,796.

Allison Eleres won $139 million on her big online...

Money, Strategy and Mind Games: Three Principles of Poker

Money, Strategy and Mind Games: Three Principles o...

Jesus Bertoli is one of the most well-known players in the area with the content he creates and his beautiful videos that regularly teach the most fundamentals of poker.

Bertoli’s Three Rules for Every Poker Player

1) “Money can’t weigh you down, otherwise you’ll be playing with no bankroll.”

“The most important thing is the bankroll, without bankroll there are no poker players, I know A lot.” They were playing well but broke. If you don’t have good bankroll management skills, you won’t be successful at the poker table, even if you play like Phil Ivey.

2) “The strategy part is key.”

“As long as you are better than everyone else at the table, it doesn’t matter how good you are strategically. However, the theory part is fundamental. So are experienced players.” The theory part is missing , the combination of practical and technical and theoretical aspects makes someone a great player. ”

Before the second part, Jesus made it clear that there are many players who, due to a lack of interest in learning, do not study or only focus on the necessary exercises, to which he asked everyone a question that he could answer for himself : “Poker is everything, not just what’s on the floor. ” Poker tables will happen. If you don’t like it, what do you do in the poker world when you play poker? Try to think more analytically, that will differentiate you from others Come on.

3) “It’s important to master the incline.”

“You have to let go of fear: fear of promotion or fear of new moves. When someone asks me how to play on the second day of a tournament, I just tell them enjoy Game. This is not the time to invent tactics or try strategies. You have to play the way you know how to play and have fun.”

Bertoli’s Poker Story

In the same interview, Bertoli talked about his poker career and how he became a professional card player even though he lived at home on Margarita Island without a computer or internet. At the age of 16, as a teenager, he learned to play poker with his brother Tulio and his father, and from that moment on, cards became almost an integral part of his life.

Jesus was one of the players who started the Moneymaker Effect online poker craze in 2003, after which the Venezuelan started playing NLH with friends. However, when he searched the Internet for the word “poquer” (Spanish), and when he discovered that there were forums and 100% professional players on the Internet, Jesus’ mind was forever opened. Committed to poker.

Tullio Bertoli, brother of Jesus, won the 2023 LAPT Montevideo Championship.

Bertoli confirmed that this search was special. “I went online and found out there were professional Spaniards. I started participating in forums, raising my hand, and that’s how I started to improve my level. I realized I was starting to contribute in the local league in Venezuela.” One of the features of the forum It was the emergence of Raul Mestre who later became the founder of EducaPoker.

Bertoli went through a few more concepts and said: “I created an account on PartyPoker and AbsolutPoker. A Chilean friend of the forum lent me $50 because I couldn’t get it from Venezuela. When We opened a bank while we were playing in an internet cafe. We bought a computer and set up the internet at home.” So we started with Tulio, and when we hit $1,000, we split it up and started individually. ”

His talent at the cash games

Finally, Jesús gives an insight into his talent at the poker tables and the educational part that has fascinated him from the beginning. “These days I play live cash games. It’s true that I lose the comfort of getting more hands like online and lose time on transfers, but I have the advantage of playing higher stakes and competing against a weaker field. ”In addition to traveling and touring this started a few years ago after he completed his coaching training in Uruguay, where he met people like Elias Zelos Gutierrez The meeting with Franciso Tomati Benítez was dictated by Luis Sevilla who admitted that from him Learned countless concepts.

Money, Strategy and Mind Games: Three Principles o...

A good start to the year for Ivan Raich from Mar del Plata

A good start to the year for Ivan Raich from Mar d...

Ivan Raich from Mar del Plata, who plays under the nickname “i am ivi 33” in the Pokerstars EU online room, is off to a good start this year. His performance saw him beat 2,565 entrants to claim the title and 1,191 + 936 bounty, totaling €2,127.

The €10 buy-in tournament features a KO Progressive 8 Frozen Bounty-Max guarantee of €15,000 and is part of the Pokerstars EU Winter Series.

Ivan Raich also won the $100 buy-in CRAZY STACK to round out the year. The live tournament takes place on December 15 at Madero Poker Buenos Aires. There, he beat 355 competitors for a total prize money of $29,365.

These are the top 10 winners of the Buenos Aires Casino Live Tournament.

  1. Ivan Raich u$s 5931
  2. Julian Espindola u$s 4155
  3. Manuel Ballester u$s 2946
  4. Fernando Iturrino 2063
  5. Juan Pablo Bossio 1512
  6. Miguel Escobar ( Miguel Escobar) 1061
  7. Adrian Dario Gimenez 787
  8. Luis Estevez 619
  9. Guido Castriota, 533
  10. Alfredo Clan, 448

A good start to the year for Ivan Raich from Mar d...

WPT CEO optimistic about $2.4M stack

WPT CEO takes positive stance on $2.4M World Cup p...

This Saturday, registration for the WPT World Championship was completed and only a little over $2.4 million of the $40 million guaranteed was left, and WPT Executive Director Adam Pliska was still very excited. Kuai addressed the issue in a press conference, emphasizing that stacking represents an advantage in the world of poker.

According to Pliska, the overlay is about 6% of the prize pool, a situation that does not scare the organization. “We have set ourselves an ambitious target that is well above last year’s guaranteed prize pool and, more importantly, definitely above last year’s jackpot pool,” the CEO said. “We want this because it’s the best way to add value to players. Our ultimate goal now is to create the absolute best tournament possible.”

Pliska explains that $40 million purse reflects WPT An ongoing commitment to this event. “We’re not going anywhere,” the general manager stressed. “We’re going to build this. We’re going to continue to make positive changes. But the most important thing to us is we want players to say this is their best experience. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback. It’s been great.” In part. It was the players who provided the feedback. If you ask me what I’m most proud of, it’s that we actually took those opinions into consideration. ”

The winner of this tournament will receive $5,678,000, plus a $10,400 seat to the 2024 WPT World Championship, Held at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas.

Considering the considerable sum, Pliska believes this poker investment exceeds the $2.4 million community and WPT brand. “We believe in the World Poker Tour and the excellence of poker Development is helping poker. What are we ultimately competing against? We’re competing for a spot in the hearts and minds of people who want to play the game. “If they come here and have a great experience, I think we’ve done a great job for the brand and for poker.”

WPT CEO takes positive stance on $2.4M World Cup p...

Gonzalez Olaechea finishes 10th at WPT R’n’R Poker Open and takes home $74,300

Gonzalez Olaechea finishes 10th at WPT R'n'R Poker...

WPT Seminole Rock’n Roll Poker Open 2023 Season

Alejandro Gonzalez Olaechea No results on Day 4 of the WPT Rock’n Roll Poker Open

Alejandro just suffered a couple of tough losses against chip leader Istvan Briski. His stack was quickly reduced to a third of what it was at the start of the level, but he had a chance to return the favor. We opened with KK in hijack, the chip leader re-raised from cutoff, and Fred Goldberg showed up in SB, theoretically all-in, with 3bb remaining. Olaechea’s calling routine saw him play 13 blinds and have the second-best hand, well ahead of his opponent’s JJ. However, another obstacle arosethat plunged our hero into the Financial Times Bubble (No. 10, $74,600).

Goldberg would appear in the televised finale, keeping a reasonable distance from Briskey, who maintained the lead and a hundred blinders. Sandy Sanchez ended up falling a little behind and no longer ahead of the well-known anchor Rayan Chamas “Beriuzy”. Everyone is playing over 50 BB and will be keeping an eye on how the remaining Championship Club members Matt Bond and Darryll Fish will use their 20 BB.

The final table will be available for streaming on the usual WPT channels.

First place. Rayan Chamas 11,000,000 (55 bb)2nd place. Matt Bond 4,350,000 (22 BB)3rd place. Darryll Fish 4,625,000 (23 BB)Fourth place. Istvan Briski 23,925,000 (120 BB)5th. Fred Goldberg 13,325,000 (67 BB)Sixth place Sandy Sanchez 15,050,000 (75 BB)

Gonzalez Olaechea finishes 10th at WPT R'n'R Poker...

Hellmuth is gunning for another title at U.S. Poker Open

Hellmuth is gunning for another title at U.S. Poke...

Hellmuth is gunning for another U.S. Poker Open title.

Nacho Barbero has reached the final table of the $25,000 buy-in tournament with Poker Brat after being eliminated by Daniel Negreanu.

The U.S. Poker Open will be in Las Vegas Aria’s PokerGO Studio held Fast forward to 2023 and the sharks have tasted blood. If you’re looking for a particularly delicious Saturday snack, look no further than Phil Hellmuth.

Event #8: $25,000 NLH, decided November 15-18, with The Poker Brat as the final table entrant. Whoever holds the record for most World Series of Poker bracelets could break that record in the same week as winning the event’s first title.

Overnight chip leader Dan Smith has 2,710,000; followed by Isaac Haxton, Alex Foxen, Hellmuth, Joey Weissman and Bill Klein, each with 120. Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

The total prize pool is $1,350,000, divided among the eight first-place finishers (54 in total). Daniel Negreanu was eliminated in 11th place after his A-Q lost to Q-Q. The Canadian eliminated Nacho Barbero after the Argentinian, the shortest stack among the last 18 players, went all-in for 106 against Kid Poker’s A7 and lost on the board.

Shawn Winter took over an hour to be eliminated . After Cary Katz lost to Kevin Smith’s King-Queen on the flop, Katz found himself on the bubble.

Masashi Oya was the seventh contestant to be eliminated. Players sit around a table. After him, Chris Brewer stepped down to make room for the big showdown.

Both Weisman and Helmuth, who won events one and five, will try to become champions again and surpass Sam Soverel in the United States Top the Poker Open leaderboard. Soffrel currently has 457 points, followed by Weisman (259) and Helmuth (230). While Smith, Haxton and Klein all won for the first time, Foxen won for the fourth time in a row.

The top six finishers have earned a total of $81,000 in festival prize money, but it’s all focused on the grand prize of $432,000, 259 PGT points and the miniature Golden Eagle trophy.

Hellmuth’s final showdown at the poker table

Dan Smith, 1st place: $2,710,000

Second place: 1,520,000 Isaac Haxton

Alex Foxen, third place, 1,140,000

Fourth place: 1,065,000 Phil Hellmuth

Weissman, Joey, fifth, 991,000

William Klein (sixth, 681,000)

Hellmuth is gunning for another title at U.S. Poke...

Slow Play – Poker Glossario

Play Slowly

Slow play is played when you have a good hand and do not make big bets, the purpose is to allow other players to stay where they left off and connect or try fewer moves than us, against us Lying (bluffing) in order to get them to raise (raise) and get extra money that we would not have received if we had bet big from the start.

Slow play is a “bluff”

Slow play is an option

  • Slow play means passively playing strong hands.


Although if we have a strong hand, we only make the bets we need to. We passively accept the pace of the game set by our opponents (check/raise = check street) and do not actively put chips into the pot (bet/raise). This form of play is only possible in rare cases. Only when we really have a good hand can we pretend we don’t have a good hand. Slow play only makes sense if you choose it carefully. When we play slowly, we give up the possibility of winning the pot immediately.

So when we play slow, we risk the current pot in order to end up winning more. This form of gaming is obviously very dangerous, since it is difficult to calculate what risks a person would take if he voluntarily allowed the situation to change.

Play Slowly

Andrey Andrtev from Kiev took fifth place in the WSOPC tournament in Cannes

Andrey Andreev from Kiev took fifth place in the W...

Киевлянин Андрей Андрteв

Recently, Ukrainian poker players have amassed several large deposits in prestigious the last few Victory for Andrei Lubovitsky In the Super Million$ tournament, the prize pool is $7,760,000. In this case, Ukrainians earned $1,184,690.

However, the Ukrainian keeps reaching new heights not only online but also in live tournaments. We’re talking about a €300 buy-in no-limit hold’em event – WSOP-C Superstack.

The event was held in Cannes as part of the WSOPC Cannes Series and had 378 entries, resulting in a prize pool of €94,348. The winner of the tournament receives a well-deserved WSOP C ring.

The final table was played by a poker player from Ukraine, Kiev’s Andrey Andreev, a member of the national sports poker team. The Ukrainian came close to his first WSOPC ring but finished fifth.

This isn’t the first time Andriyev has defended his Sports Master title in the field of sports poker. His success at the prestigious International Poker Festival reaffirmed his title.

The WSOPC Cannes Series has nine more days to go. Ukrainian poker players also have the chance to win big in the series.

Andrey Andreev from Kiev took fifth place in the W...

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