Allison Eleres won $139 million on her big online gamble

Allison Eleres won $139 million on her big online...

Meanwhile, yesterday, the 21st, Allison Eleres competed in the FT of two of the most expensive straight championships. During his visit to GGPoker, he bested his opponents to claim the $1,050 Sunday Main Event HR. Including bonuses, the PokerLab grinder won $92,362.

Allison then played in the $630 4-handed Sunday High Roller, a regular main event at ACR Poker. As the owner of the second largest stack, he started on the button and then announced a 4-bet all-in on 43 BBS. CL “marine1972” then called and revealed K ♦K ♥. Alison dominated with A♥K♠ and had no chance on the Q♠9♣4♥3♠6 board. In total, drivers with the “DoctorCoffee” account won another $47,339.

A few moves later and Thiago Crema was defeated. As a farewell, he made an open shove with 6 BBS and was called by “LelijkeHond” who had more chips and A♦J♣. With 7♠6♠, the 4Bet Team star found one of his exits on the flop of 6 ♦2♥K, but the 5 on the turn and 7 on the river gave his opponent a second flush. The man from Paraná state finished third, earning $64,849.

With HU almost trailing 1:4 at the start, “LelijkeHond” managed to turn the situation around and trade to win the championship. When “marine1972” pocketed $118,978, his balance grew by $91,796.

Allison Eleres won $139 million on her big online...

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  • Kaitlin.crona

    This text appears to be discussing the results of a poker tournament, highlighting the victories and defeats of various players and the amount of money they won. It provides a detailed account of the gameplay and outcomes of the games.

  • Evert.hartmann

    This text discusses recent high-stakes poker tournaments where players like Allison Eleres and Thiago Crema competed and won significant amounts of money. Ultimately, LelijkeHond emerged victorious, winning the championship and a large cash prize in the process.

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