Allan Mello and Ramon Kropmanns Featured in Financial Times at GGWF Event 186-H

Allan Mello and Ramon Kropmanns feature in Financi...

Poker star Allan Mello is back in action in the online series as he seeks his second title of the weekend. He exited GGWF Event 186-H: $1,050 High Roller Main Event in third place when visiting GGPoker. Overall, Samba Team Grinder earned $73,940. Ramon Kropmanns finished fourth for $55,447.

The two Brazilians will have to show a lot of resilience in the FT to get that valuable raise. In four hands, Russia’s “Frank Tupelo” leads and Ramon announces a public all-in 11bs. Allan then called straight from the top showing A♠A♥. The A\8♥-dominated members of the Midas team watched J♣8♣6\K♠4\ lead to his downfall.

At one point during the three-way match, the finalists discussed a trade, but “Frank Tupelo” was undeterred. On a 10 10 ♣ flip against A♠Q, Allen managed to double up against the Russian, but his reaction was short-lived.

The next level, “Frank Tupelo” started off the button and called Allan’s 3-bet all-in with A♥10♠. With 2♥2♣, “Frank Tupelo” hit the quad and took the pot when the flop came 2♠7♠2♦.

With 930 entrants registered, Event 186-H used up its $750,000 guarantee for a whopping $930,000 in prize money.

Allan Mello and Ramon Kropmanns feature in Financi...

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  • This text is a recap of a poker event featuring player Allan Mello. It mentions his performance, as well as that of another Brazilian player and a Russian player. The event had a large number of participants and a significant prize pool.

  • This text reports on the participation of poker star Allan Mello in an online series, where he finished third in one event and earned $73,940. The article also mentions the performance of Ramon Kropmanns and highlights the excitement and challenges faced during the tournament.

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